Thanks for joining me!

As someone who is around kids and teens a lot, and someone who is known to “talk books” with them, I wanted to create a page where I could talk about and review books from a Christian perspective. That doesn’t necessarily mean all the books will be by Christian authors, but my hope is that I can find good, clean books to share for others to check out. With that there may be some that I find areĀ not good options to read, and I will share that info as well. I will also add an “age appropriate” section to my reviews so parents can see if I think a book is okay for kids/tweens/teens. I plan to not only review fiction/nonfiction books, but also Bible Study books. Unfortunately those also can be hard to find for certain age groups to enjoy (in terms of topics being geared towards them and/or relevant).

I am more than happy to take requests at any time and I’m willing to answer questions if anyone needs input on a specific book and/or book suggestion. Feel free to comment on any of my reviews to add your own personal thoughts. I am not the ultimate truth, and can only share my own personal opinions. I want this page to be a help and encouragement to others.

Welcome and enjoy the site!