Thanks for joining me!

While the initial intent of this site was strictly for reviewing books, I quickly discovered there is much more that I could do in the blogging world. As a youth leader in my church, I am constantly talking about books with not only my adult friends, but the tweens and teens in the youth group as well. For that reason, it was on my heart to not only review the books I’ve been reading, but to add an “age appropriateness” section to each of the reviews to determine if they are okay reads for younger readers or not. Generally speaking the books I review are intended for adults, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are exclusively for adults. I speak as someone who was an advanced reader as a kid, who struggled to find  books at higher reading levels that I could actually enjoy without inappropriate content. (WARNING: “Age Appropriateness” sections may contain spoilers. I try my best to keep it to a minimum, but when discussing the content it’s not always avoidable). Having said that, not all the books on the site are by Christian authors, but the intent is still for clean reads.

Not only am I an avid reader, but first and foremost I am a Christian. While my intent for the site is sharing about books from a Christian perspective, I also feel that it’s important that I am sharing about Christ on a deeper level. The Bible is much more powerful and life-changing than any other book we could read, and so it makes sense that I should be sharing from that as well.

I am more than happy to take requests for books at any time and I’m willing to answer questions if anyone needs input on a specific book. Feel free to comment on any of my reviews to add your own personal thoughts. I am not the ultimate truth, and can only share my own personal opinions. I want this page to be a help and encouragement to others.

Welcome and enjoy the site!